Next Campaign Island: Aetherion

Given that Besiege's latest update has added blocks that make flying machines far more accessible, I think that another campaign island should be in order.
There's not a lot of space on the current planet, though, so a new one may have to be created in orbit of the current one.
So, the general idea of this world will be:
- Levels far above the floor, requiring flying machines
- Levels with a good mix of destruction and logic puzzles
- Many new blocks for the editor

To touch on the first, each level will likely be either floating on a floating island/rock (the majority of the time), or be a flying contraption in and of itself. The soldiers will be armed with a new type of weapon: the Crossbow, a longer-range variant of the regular Bow of other soldiers but requiring a far longer reload time.
These ground enemy units will be backed up by a few flying ones, in simple scout balloons, then later on powered blimps.

A few new animal types will make appearances. The simple bird swarm will be preeminent, but new types of farm animals will also be added: preferably still in keeping with the medieval theme, but requiring that you kill all of them somehow to pass the level, in a throwback to the bird-killing or sheep-killing levels.

The levels will, as I said before, be about a 50/50 mix between regular old destruction levels and ones with more finesse involved.
A few examples:
- Destroy the fort, defended by a few soldiers and high-elevation cannons.
- Destroy the floating monastery by first unlocking the gravity crystals, then blowing them up or dragging them out of their housings, making the island fall to the ground.
- Transport the house from one floating island to the other, without destroying it. It must be in a specific position, requiring some fine maneuvering.
- Fly through the typhoon, made up of various floating obstacles and treacherous winds that will blow your craft around violently.
- Transport the peasants from one island to the other, dead or alive; a sort of 'taxi' level.

I mentioned the editor because, as of the time of writing, there is only 1 really good item for making flying machine levels: the floating rock. It looks great, and has many different uses, but there is a limit to how many times you can stretch it. Regular objects floating technically work, but they don't look as good because they don't buob up and down.
If this campaign island were to be added, then a bunch of new items could be also added to the editor to vastly increase the diversity of possible floating levels.
Here is a level I made to demonstrate the general idea of what I'm trying to get at. As you can see, every island is made of the same floating rock item, just stretched in different directions.
Screenshot (459).png
Just imagine a village clinging to the sides of one of those rocks, and you had to destroy it while its citizens fell off the island, screaming.
Wouldn't that be picturesque? : D
While I believe that there wont be any more levels, your ideas are pretty bright, especially the blimps, perhaps the flying enemies have something to do with the giant skeletons and dragon eggs in valfross?