New Vanilla Plane with Skinpacks

I've had another go at making an rtc vanilla plane, I think I'm getting the hang of it now, anyway, new skinpacks so I thought i'd give the plane a cool snowy camo.

This machine uses these skin packs:
WingsOfBirds's, WW2 Propeller:
Ex Demon's, Modern Day:

R shift: Toggle Engine (Recommended on at all times, this is cruising speed)
L shift: Accelerate (this will also make the aircraft climb, useful for reaching higher altitude)
L Ctrl: Decelerate (will slow air speed in order to land)
Up and Down keys: Control Pitch
Left and Right keys: Roll left or right
Q and E keys: Yaw left or right (combine with roll for best results)
1 and 2 keys: Raise or lower landing gear (will also retract stabiliser)
R key: Launch missile
F key: Change views (has a pretty cool cockpit view)
C key: Fire cannons (best used with infinite ammo)

Available here: or here:

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Looking nice ^^
It will certainly be interesting to see more machines using skin-packs