New Sandbox Challenges!

So the old sandbox had lots of good challenges going around, those like the chicken run, destroying the statue without flying, getting a bomb to fall into the tower, etc. But as the new sandbox came about I have not seen as many challenges about specifically the features of the sandbox. Wouldn't it be nice to have to have to create new machines just for the completion of a challenge, without many new levels coming soon?

Here are some challenges i'd like to propose:

1. Landing an aircraft right in the middle of the square on the giant floating cube.

2. Killing all the axe knights (including the ghost ones) with a ground vehicle.

3. Destroying the two statues with or without ranged weapons with a ground vehicle.

4. Flying a plane or a glider under one of the arcs in any of the smaller bridges without damaging it.

5. moving the floating cube over on top of the big one.

Those are only few of the challenges that can be made with the huge amount of stuff in the sandbox.
If someone has a challenge that is really good that I have not listed here, go ahead and put it below!


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Not sure what this has to do with modding, should I move it to General Discussion for you?
The small one, yeah, it is unaffected by gravity, but it will also stop moving whenever it is not touching anything. The big cube is unable to be move as of yet.