New Perpetual Motion?

While playing around with the new blocks, I came up with this:

Whats weird is that when I start it up backwards or forwards, when I let go, it just slows down and goes backwards at an extremely slow pace. Sometimes it stops or goes really fast but most of the time, I found that it went on forever at an extremely slow pace. Also, very rarely (this is probably just a glitch) the braces seem to merge and switch spots so they are parallel and not crossing each other. Can anyone explain how this happens?


Turns out its not actually perpetual motion because when I tried out the same thing with no braces, the large wheel just kept on going slowly. Still a considerable glitch though.

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There some magical forces at work in besiege lol. I found two different "perpetual motion" devices in the last couple days. One in my gear/spring catapult i posted and another in a planetary gear thing i made today. I don't mind if its not entirely realistic....i it just makes for a lot more possibilities


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Just Unity, probably.