New options for the Drag Objects god tool.

I have a few suggestions for the Drag Objects god tool so I will list them in descending order (approximate) of how many new things each point would allow to do.

1. Make Drag Objects available in the server rules so it can be turned on or off for all players (I think this would also be the easiest point to implement). Some of the PvP games I made before knowing only the host can use Drag Objects will only work with something as responsive and sensitive as the mouse.

2. Adding additionnal manipulation options.

2.1 An option for Drag Objects to lock rotation on one or multiple axes (activating/deactivating locks could be controllable through the logic system). This would allow to easily handle things such as a ping pong paddle without having to build a modded machine specifically for that level (I don't see any way to make a good always upright machine vanilla). Alternatively or additionally, the option to lock rotation and location along different axes could be added to the logic system to be used on any physics object.

2.2 Add an option to remove the elasticity of Drag Objects so objects follow the mouse instantly (could also be activeable through the logic system). If you want to avoid the buggy twitching when forcing objects against collisions the elasticity could activate itself in those situations. That auto activation of the elasticity could also be optional and activable through logic.

3. Add an option (maybe in the building zone options so it is specific to each player) to restrain the effect of drag objects to only the selected objects/blocks. This way, players could use drag objects only on the objects they are meant to be able to manipulate.

4. Add an option for Drag Objects to be toggleable so the player doesn't have to hold left mouse button.
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