New block category

I think there should be a "special" block section where things like the pin block should be.
This would be where blocks that don't fit in with the besiege theme or are too "op" (pin block makes things invincible) go.
Blocks in this category will mean they prevent level progression

just an idea though :p
Great idea. 100% support only there would only be one block in this category. This is why I will use this post to urge Spiderling to add a nuke block, a laser gun, a forcefield block, a titanium block and a chicken. Oh wait, the chicken is in the game already.
The nuke, the laser-gun and the forcefield are way off-theme, they will never be in the game... The great thing about this game is CREATING actual age things in an old age.


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Could you share a .bsg?


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So just put a pin on the starting block in it?
my wish list :
toggle function on wheels..
pistons should have the option to be applied extended.
flexing rubber joints,
mounting torches and fireballs lit / unlit
a bigger smooth unpowered wheel " for my motorcycle project "
and these gears

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