Neucom R-102 Delphinus #2


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"Delphinus" is Latin for "dolphin". The word is used as the genus for the common dolphin as well as the constellation Delphinus which is the main inspiration of the shape of this plane. This weirdly shaped plane move sluggishly like a heavy bomber, hopefully still manageable. It has hidden thrust vectoring engine inside, it does not have any elevator, so all pitch was done on that wing and the engine.

Futuristic Plane Contest First Place Winner. Built within contest limitations.

The Delphinus #2 was an evolved model of the R-101 Delphinus #1, developed by Neucom to build on the success of the original version found in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. It used a similar yet enlarged design, and used a single jet engine with a higher thrust-to-weight ratio as a powerplant, making it highly agile in combat, at least in the original game.

Note: If you has installed ACM but doesn't want to or can't use a controller, you have to disable the mod via the Ctrl + M menu.
Default One-Hand Controls --
  • Pitch: T/G
  • Roll: F/H
  • Yaw:R/Y
  • Accelerate: Z
  • Decelerate: X
  • Toggle Engine: C
  • Retract/Extend Landing Gear: Right Alt/.
  • Fire Pulse Cannon: Mouse Left

Alternative Arcade Controls --
  • Pitch: Up/Down
  • Turn: Left/Right
  • Yaw:A/D (Must inside camera)
  • Accelerate: W (Must inside camera)
  • Decelerate: S (Must inside camera)
  • Toggle Engine: C
  • Retract/Extend Landing Gear: Right Alt/.
  • Fire Pulse Cannon: Shift (Rapid fire), C (Single shot)
  • Launch Missiles: Num 1, Num 3

Camera modes --
  • Third Person Camera Mode: 1
  • Cockpit camera mode: 2

Gamepad Controls --

Gamepad support requires Xbox controller and Advanced Controls Mod
Pitch & Roll: Tilt Left Stick

Yaw: Left Trigger & Right Trigger
Accelerate & Brake: Right Bumper & Left Bumper
Launch Rocket: Button B

Fire Pulse Cannon: Button A

Retract Landing Gear: Button X

Extend Landing Gear: Button Y
Switch Camera: Press Right Stick

Look Around: Tilt Right Stick

Toggle Engine: Button Start

Get bonus visual if you install:
Improved Laser Emitter mod for fancy Afterburner cone effect.
Vector Thrusters for heat effect and engine lighting effect.

Block count: 281 (+3)

Download from workshop