Need help with weird airplane behaviour

The aircraft I have attached rolls to the left when the landing gears are down and also yaws and rolls left faster than it does to the right. However, with the gear up it flies level and straight without any issues, just rolls faster to the left. Any help would be greatly appreciated and you will be recognized when I finally upload this incredible machine!


technically speaking, by putting the machine on the forums, youve kinda allready uploaded it lol
i havent seen the bsg, but it sounds like your landing gear is colliding with your rolling mechanism, maybe try spacing them out more
Maybe you should take a look at the actual machine, cause that's not the issue. It just started doing this randomly I can't remember when and I don't know why. I need someone with experience to take a look at it.


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What are the controls?
Oh, the engine. It's because when I built the engine I thought I would require 2 wheels and 2.0 to spin each way, and it was before I started using the no bounds mod like a year ago. Turns out 2x2.0 is very powerful! This also allows anyone to adjust the engine up or down if they wish without losing the ability to return it to stock without mods. Future creations will be different and I will modify and improve this engine.

Well I figured out that the metal plates at the propellers cause part of the unwanted rotation but why the wheels counteract this in still unclear to me.
Also there's something else probably strafing the hull a bit which is why it still turns slightly
Oh well, it's too far into the build to just rebuild it and find the issue, I have trim on the plane to counteract any weirdness if needed. But it flies incredibly well and I'm happy with it. Final version will be on Steam later today or tomorrow.
what @KrautregenXD is saying is somewhat correct, however i think the real problem is that the propellors on the back engine are further spaced out than the front, which causes more torque
now you could counteract this by spacing them the same OR adding/subtracting the weight of the ballasts on the inside, which should fix it as well, without taking away the astetic
the parts of the back set of propellers are further away from the center of mass that the front set of propellers, which makes more torque, if that makes any more sense
Okay cool, thanks. I kinda already knew those were having a minor issue, but it flies level and straight without rolling and that's more important to me. Future models will be better