need help with stability (updated. still need help)

so i invented this new rotor concept..


hold K to land/descend
hold I to ascend

cant find a good body for this. its unstable but it looks like this rotor will work wonderfully

any ideas or help? i really want to see this work.

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yeah i can figure out things like steering and what not... but stopping any aircraft from banking is my goal...i dont need this thing doing barrelrolls.
The center of mass is directly on the swivel joint, DEFINITELY too high. I think the easiest way to bring it down without adding too much mass would be to add more height to it by deleting the bottom part, then translating it upwards and rebuilding the bottom part on the ground, with them connected by a shaft. You'll need to add some braces (or springs with elasticity set to 10), but you really should have had those braces in already anyway
yeah i noticed it too.. a pity.. i liked the adjustability and the hover mode it had...the sliders added thrust while the ballasts kept it spinning for hovering..damn.

such is the curse of building complicated things... i guess keeping the ish simple is what ill have to do. classic spinners/wingpanels/steering combo.
I could work with it a bit over spring break and try to send you a dif format of it, its definitely a good design but something in it is throwing off the weight just slightly, part of it though is definitely that if you try to turn it throws off the pitch/yaw... even if you built a good body, you would need the right setup to make sure the rotors stay perfectly upright
Purpleblob123 said:
I think it is, just as its starting up making the sliders extend it throws off the balance cuz they don't go all at once
the wierd thing is too is that i tried replacing the sliders with other blocks.. simple wood.. suspension.. they dont perform that same hovering effect that the sliders will do and they also knock on the ballast ring.