Need help with Machine!

I am currently working on this design here:

It is a pretty good car that can beat all the ground based levels, and drives well on the new sandbox's rocky terrain because of the downforce, but i am trying to add modifications to it to make it better.
I am trying to do three things:

Firstly, add a better suspension design, though trying not to change the current position of the wheels too much, keeping it small and simple.

Secondly, change the mechanism of the front plow so it does not break off if i boost into a castle wall and also does not hinder the climbing of rocks when going up a steep slope.

And lastly, be able to turn it into a flying design without changing it too much, maybe even keep its ground travel capabilities.

I am using TYGD's editor mod and the no bounds mod for ease of building, and trying to do the first two things without .bsg editing.
I would very much like to hear everyones suggestions, and feel free to edit the machine and send me the files if you'd like!
Have more connection points with the front plow, so it is harder for it to break, if you also use grabbers to hold the plows, it'll be harder for them to fall off.
Right makes sense, its quite a compact machine, doesn't look like there is a lot of room, to do what you want it to do without shrinking blocks, you could put the plow on a piston or suspension, so it absorbs impact better, it won't be as strong as grabbers, but means you could have some level of basic suspension. Although the ground clearance with this machine isn't that large due to its size, so you could go without it, especially because it has a short wheel base, so it won't beach itself on the terrain.
Well i tried the suspension and the pistons, but i couldn't get them in to really change anything, moving the hinge completely and just sticking the plow onto the ballast helped, though it gets rid of the ability to move the plow it docent break when i bump into stuff, its a sacrifice i guess. The cannon shoots well through it btw.