Nanga Parbat Heavy Tank -Rapid Reload Cannon-


Tank treads only sometimes work without invulnerability, invuln. recommended.
On my PC, 20% and lower speeds run well, results may vary

(Controls in [brackets] means on num pad)
At start of game, press -, = to expand treads, Z to tighten reloader

Left tank treads: [7]: forwards [4]: reverse
Right tank treads: [8]: forwards [5]: reverse

Main gun:

T to raise, G to lower.
Press and hold L to launch. For beginner use, hold L until shuttle stops moving. (For rapid fire, hold L until shuttle reenters barrel, then tap L to slow shuttle to quickly let it come to a rest near rear of gun.) Briefly hold H to reload, Repeat!
(Optional, toggle C to pull shuttle towards rear of gun)

Bomb launcher:

Up, down, left, right, to aim
Pres and hold [0] to fire, when grabber reaches front, press [.], remain holding [0] til grabber stops, release.
Second bomb is [1] to fire, [2] to release

Cannon array:

[*] to rotate, [-], [+] to raise and lower
1,2,3,4,5 (not on numpad) to fire

Flame plow: Comma key to lower, period key to raise. Y to activate flamethrowers

Light Tank ("Rakhiot") has very similar cannon, is campaign legal and runs on higher speed.

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Pretty badass i must say. it's a shame that bombs and boulders dont seem work very well with the "low friction" bore ballista anymore.
Actually I have made a mini ballista which launches bombs without them exploding, using half pipes.
The main problem with these is that the bomb has to be lightly pushed towards the "hammer" so when launching the bomb, it won't explode.
I too made a bomb launching ballista a while back. I was never happy with it because it would, no matter what I did, sometimes hit the side of the half pipes too hard and explode. But hey, it worked most of the time!
EvermoreAlpaca Hey, I can help you make a 100% efficient ballista!
Here are some tips:
The hammer itself should be lines up the middle, if it is to a side due to steering, tunring the vehicle, etc. it will cause the bomb to explode.
This thing can be achived by the means of a grabber behind the hammer, which detaches the hammer with the same key as the launching springs.
The bomb itself should be "pushed against" the hammer,because if there is even a minute distance between them, the bomb explodes if you try to launch it.
This can be solved by tilting the ballista upwards making the bomb roll onto the hammer, but a better method is by making a miniature piston-powered contraption that pushes the bomb against the hammer, keeping it secure. This contraption should be able to move out of the bombs way when launching.

Hope I helped! :D
The devil lies in reloading. The first shot is easy. Getting the shuttle/hammer back into alignment is tricky. The best luck I have had so far is a pair of springs, but it isn't 100% reliable. I would be curious to see your .bsg either way, but does it reload?