My Take on @Imanro2015`s tank Auto Loader

After seeing Imanro2015 's tank auto loader (original post here: ), I thought a more realistic design could be built.
I chose a design that could take advantage of the drum magazine design that FrizB showed off here: (if you don't watch his besiege videos for some confounded reason, he creates all kinds of wacky but most of the time, fairly useful, builds and designs) , such as this layout with the shells being stored inside the turret ring: Originally I was going to have the shells stored horizontally but just having to rotate them 90 degrees was easier than constructing the magazine. [HR][/HR]Your side of things
Parts: ~250 so most machines should be able to run it, even if at 50% speed. [HR][/HR]Controls... this may take a while:
1 extends loader arm
2 raises loader arm
3 releases grabber on loader arm
4/5 rotates magazine for next round
Right shift triggers flame throwers igniting round (currently set as High Explosive rounds, increasing the flight time and setting the explosion to 0 for Armor Piercing rounds)
Arrow keys to aim barrel

Firing sequence:
Tap 1, press and hold 2, press and hold 1, tap 3, release 1, release 2, wait for round to reach the breach, use arrow keys for any aiming, tap right shift to fire,watch projectile completely miss the target, press 4 or 5 to rotate magazine presenting the next round for the loader, repeat.

(it sounds confusing but you get used to it after a few goes, adding the multiple inputs mod (I think it exists, so you can have several keys controlling the same part) you could simplify this to a simple 1, 2, 3, etc. ) [HR][/HR]Any constructive criticism is welcome (but praise is more welcome :p)
If I have left something out just leave a comment saying so and I will fix it when I can.
Feel free to do whatever you want with this specific design, just reference this post.

New and improved Mk 2 design:
Yeah I do admit it is quite over the top, but seeing as I dont know how to code (only done a tiny bit with batch files) I dont really know how to set it up so you press one button and the arm grabs the round, puts it into breach, releases and then returns, possibly automaticly turning the magazine to the next round. But if all goes according to plan I plan on trying to teach myself over the next 2 weeks as I am on holidays (for the pagen festival of spring -> original festival covered by romans with easter, how else do you explain eggs, rabbits and baby chicks?).

It is however cleared up quite a bit in my mk2 design.