My game can't work folders access issue

Hello everybody

I'm facing a problem with my game and it does not work anymore (actually steam can't finish the instalation).
I installed the Spaar Mod loaders for the version 0.45 having already the one for the previous version that I uninstalled with the little program. However the installations fails and I discovered folders (3 or more) that deny the access. I tried to uninstall the game from steam, but there are still these folders. Then I tried to re-install the game and the installation can not finish because I don't have the access to some folders.
I tried to check properties/security but I can't modify the access of these folders....

Can someone help me please?

Thank you for your response in advance and I hope I could destroy things soon :)
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this sounds like a computer access problem, if you are playing on a computer with a "owner" user, you may have to ask the owner to activate something.
Thank you guys for responding me, but it seems the problem doesn't exist anymore. I started steam and tried to see which folders were problematic, and I reached to access all of them and the game finished to install. So anyway, thank you again (I know I can count on you) and my problem is fixed, now let's destroy everything again :D .


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You probably had something in the folders open while trying to delete/write to them, if it works now it's probably due to turning the computer off and on again making whatever you had open close