My first plane that works! (and looks good too)


Its success is probably due to the overpowered propellers but i'm not complaining. I understand that it stays in the air mostly because of the propellers and not by lift from the wings.

q/e: accelerate/decelerate
left/right arrow keys: turn left/right (ailerons and rudder)
up/down arrow keys: Climb up/down (elevators)

- It takes some time to get used to the controls. Be patient.
- When you are turing, get your angle to between 45 - 90Ëš then get the ailerons/rudder to normal and use the elevators to steer to make things easier for yourself.
- Remember to always get the elevators like the picture below before taking off or the propellers will break.

As always, I would greatly appreciate feedback or suggestions so I can adapt it or make a third plane much better.

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Spirit Of Nature said:
Hey it's looks really good is think.
Can you post the .bsg file in here, it might be better than i tought
The bsg file is below the post, above the tags :p
no problem. It is still your design. I just moved the tail back a bit and removed all the heavy parts on it. Then I moved the wheels in the front down 2 blocks to give the props some room. I found that the center wheel/prop on the front was making it behave strangely so I removed it. Your rudder aileron combo works very smoothly.