Multiverse Update and mod functionality workaround

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But in case anyone benefits from it for whatever reason, and nOsTaLgIa, I'll still reply to any comments, albeit not very punctually.

Protip: You can have both the Multiverse
version as well as the previousbuild versions installed at the same time.

NOTE: Yeah, yeah, I know, please ignore the file attachments.
EDIT: If you want workshop support, place the steam_appid.txt in your previuosbuild folder. Copy it there from your original folder, right next to the Besiege.exe. This one tip was taken from Spaar's Github page on the modloader.

Step 1, Getting the previousbuild version
First of all, you need to go to your games library and right-click on besiege and select properties.

Then select the Betas tab and click on the drop-down menu and select the "previousbuild -" option.

After that close the properties window and let besiege update.

You should then see this:

Step 2, Getting both versions at once
You then must go to your steam folder in which besiege is located and make a copy in the same folder. I renamed mine to "Besiege-previousbuild" but you can name it whatever you want.

Then you can go back to steam. and reverse the previous build- just go back to the betas tab and select "None -opt out of all beta programs" and let Besiege update.

Step 3, Syncing the two versions
This next step is optional but highly recommended.

Please note, this step would not be possible without Shade's guide to backing up .BSGs as it loosely follows it. (Great guide btw, worth checking out)

First, open up the previousbuild folder and then the Besiege_Data folder within it and delete the SavedMachines and Mods folders (This is done so that the next paragraph can work).

Next, start the command line, if you don't know how to just go to the start menu and type "cmd" then right-click on the program that comes up and select "Run as Administrator"

Then you will want to type

mklink /J "path to previousbuild/Besiege_Data/SavedMachines" "path to original besiege folder/Besiege_Data folder/SavedMachines"
Press enter, then type

mklink /J "path to previousbuild/Besiege_Data/Mods" "path to original besiege folder/Besiege_Data folder/Mods"
Then hit enter again and close the window

(Quick info)
Programs will now treat all the folders as one folder when accessing it, but the link put last is considered as the originator, so if you delete that, it is really gone, if you only delete the other folder, it is still in the originator, also you can tell which one is the originator by looking at the icon, the one with the shortcut icon (blue arrow) is not the originator.
Of course you would want to replace the placeholders with your actual paths. The quotation marks are only necessary if your path has spaces. For those that followed Shade's guide, you can just replace the original besiege folder path with the Dropbox folder, don't worry, it will still link to your original besiege folder as well, although you may have to partially redo the steps that you took in Shade's tutorial as well as reinstall your modloader.

You should get something like this

(You could also do this with skins or other things you need synced)

Step 4, Adding it to steam
So after you have both folders synced, one with and one without multiverse, you can click on the "ADD A GAME..." button in the lower-left corner of the steam games library. Afterwards, select "Add a Non-Steam Game...".

click browse and locate your previousbuild folder and select the executable inside


You should now have 2 different besieges in your library

This is also optional, but you can rename the previousbuild version by going to properties

I would Just like to say thank you for reading! Did I mention that this is my first post?
I hope this helped at least somebody rather than no one, I mean, I did my best to make it easy to understand.


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That post worked great for me! It is surprising that this is your first post!
It was easy to understand and a good amount of pictures.
A thumb up from me! :D
When I copy paste your command in my cmd.exe (run as administrator), it says: system could not find the givin path, does anyone know how to fix this problem?