Multirotor Stability

We've all made quadcopters, right? You fight through all the balancing and reversing to get a neutral machine and discover that "neutral" is not the same thing as "stable". It's a constant fight to keep it centered, and you go back to winged designs or balloons.

Now, take this thing with ballast stuck on like tumors. It'll make it three feet before it starts dragging on the ground, right?

It flies! It flies and flies and flies until it hits the ice zone -- and then the ballast falls off and it FLIES EVEN BETTER!

There is a secret, of course. No hidden balloons or anything. The spinning blocks are all tilted the slightest bit towards the center of the craft. Two degrees is all it took. Much more and the craft starts overcompensating until its flopping all over the place (but even then, doesn't really crash... unless it finds an inconvenient mountain)

I used a mod to tilt them, but the same principle works with steering hinges, though it's hard to move them an exact amount.

I'm... hoping this is actually news? And not something you've all done for years. I fought through a bizarre number of four-bar-linkage contraptions and dynamically tilting propellor blades and other such junk until finding this.
Also... confirmed with a quick experiment that Beseige does indeed have gyroscopic forces - at least as far as multiple objects are concerned. A spinning block has no gyroscopic effect; a set of blades attached to one definitely does.