Multiple minor suggestions & nitpicks

1. In the control list, "F" is still described as "Flip wheel direction."
"Flip block orientation/direction" would be more appropiate, as it applies to more than just wheels.

2. Upon entering either the new "Rift" sandbox or the "Barren Expanse," the game always displays the tip box near the bottom left corner of the screen. It doesn't remember being dismissed - it will always pop up and clutter the screen. Pls fix?

3. We could really use something like a debug mode, which would let us see blocks' colliders/hitboxes/whatever they're called - if possible, only those of blocks hovered over, selected using Building Tools, or highlighted with the config tool. It would be a huge help for those using scaling, but I realize this isn't really useful for vanilla players and seems more appropiate to be left for modders to tackle.

4. A "Recently Used" block tab would be useful as well. I don't think it needs explaining. Purely for convenience.

5. Music being on or off should be remembered after shutting the game down. There is also no way to toggle it in the main menu of the game, though players don't spend much time there, anyway.

That's about it, thanks
1 : Ok

2 : I think it's intended (sadly). I also would like the game to remind that I did close it.

3 : I don't think they will do that cause besiege is a game and will have to keep some fences, even if hardcore builders are using mods to make crazy machines.

4 : I strongly agree with that and I also don't think it needs explanation !

5 : (and also time scale) You won't like that but even if I know this would be useful sometimes, I would say at the end it's purely cosiness. it probably will never happen.


Staff member
I made a Recently Used Blocks Tab Mod once, I can try updating that if you want it.