Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

The current MV map (2k by 2k) is too small. Not for levels but for pvp etc. I am aware of the custom scene mod, however it has too many problems (cannonballs disappearing, console errors, not having a border at all) to be an acceptable fix. Even being able to choose between the 2k^2 and 4k^2 map borders would be enough. currently you can cross the entire map from corner to corner in about 4 sec. with a machine that is still controllable (in vanilla). This means you have to constantly avoid the borders of the map. I have no clue how easy/difficult this would be to implement but i hope to see it one day.
to specify, about 100 km/h is the fastest i've been able to fly without big issues, but most machines ppl bring to mv seem to be faster than that, making mine underpowered in actual pvp.


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When you reach high numbers you'll have problems with floating point imprecision, so that wouldn't work. You could make a map that moved the map so it stayed centered around you, but that wouldn't work well with multiplayer.

I guess a map that teleported you to the other side whenever you reached a certain point could work, though it might mess with connections unless something like with the portal gun mod is done.