MultiMod [Besiege v0.05]

ADMIN EDIT: I have closed this topic because it keeps getting resurrected, its ancient and obsolete. You can find all of Multi-mod's functions in different mods that use a modloader. You can browse through all mods here:

Here's my second published mod, but this time, it's more comprehensive. First I would like to point out that some of the ideas of the mod were adopted from ITR and zodium's PBP mod, such as precision rotation and gravity, but I only added them for 2 reasons:
- I wanted to make a mod that satisfies every players' needs (precision rotation was one of them)
- PBP is currently still for v0.04, so this mod would serve as a substitute until PBP is updated

Please note that this mod will not work with the latest version of Besiege!!!!!

Besiege v0.05:

Installation (Copy-pasted from zodium's post)
Copy the downloaded Assembly-UnityScript.dll to
Be sure to make a backup of the original file!

Features (v0.1 Only - Check Changelog for New Features)
As I said, this mod will be comprehensive, it includes:
  • Rocket Thrusters
  • Unlimited Cannon toggle
  • Precision Rotation: Using the [+] and [-] keypad keys (or the less accurate in-game slider)
  • Custom gravity (with reset button)
  • Limited Rotation: Steering blocks and hinges can be toggled to maximally deviate by 45 degrees
  • Auto Steer: Steering blocks and hinges will return to original position (0 deviation) when released (keys depressed)
  • Ability to select custom block type (number)
  • Bug fixes:

  1. Pressing 'x' while assigning the keymap will disable the block-removing function
  2. Pressing 'i' in the Parameter Tuning dialog will not reset the slider value
  3. Improved Rocket Thrusters' "break on disjoint" function
  4. Improved precision rotation (short key presses increment\decrement, long key presses increase\decrease rapidly)
Known Bugs:
  • Auto Steer doesn't save: I guess I'll have to look into the Saving and Loading functionality of the game
  • (Unconfirmed) Sliders sometimes reset values? Not sure why
  • Eye-dropper tool now works for saved machines
  • Added eye dropper feature: Left Shift + Left Click sets the current block type to the type of the selected block
  • Improved the functionality of eye dropper and shortcut for property editor
  • Unlimited cannons even when heated (with Unlimited Cannon mod enabled)
  • Left CTRL + Left Click opens up the block's property editor
  • Added button to Delete Walls: remove the invisible world boundaries
  • Major performance (bug) fix (the instance for HudInputControl is referenced initially, instead of calling Object.FindObjectOfType repeatedly)
  • Fixed a bug regarding short-circuit evaluation which flooded output_log.txt with NullReferenceException errors
  • Blocks (bombs, bolders, etc...) can be attached directly to grabber
  • Mod HUD can be hidden using the TAB button - FIXED Bug where HUDs get out of sync
  • Changed gravity to actual in-game gravity (default = 32.81)
  • Added toggle to delete idle cannon balls (enhances performance)
  • Added features listed above

If you find any bugs, or require any improvements\additions, please don't hesitate to inform me.

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Staff member
If you have a multi-shot cannon you should concider a "remove non-moving cannonballs" toggle so that the map doesn't get filled with cannonballs.

You could do that by attaching a method like this in fixedUpdate() on a script attached to the cannonballs:
if(deleteBalls) {
        self.deleteSelf -= Time.deltaTime;
        self.deleteSelf = 2.5f;


Staff member
Plinko said:
When i hit the + or - nothing happens. is this a known bug?
Did you make sure to use the keypad? Or are you one of us unlucky people who are never thought of that don't actually have a keypad?


Staff member
Oh, also, just noticed, but default gravity should be 32.81, not 9.81 :p

EDIT: Nevermind, I see you're multiplying it later. Still kinda annoys though :p


Staff member
Made a space-ship :3
You made jet engine possible!!!! awesome mod!!!


Staff member
Well, realistic would be having it 32.81, since it *actually* is 32.81
Changing it would mess up calculations with meters and force :p
Oh, well I don't really know how real life meters scale in Besiege, but 32.81 is not real life :p That's what I meant by realistic. Anyway, I could change it back in the next update.