Multi Key Bindings Mod [Spaar`s Modloader]

Have you ever wanted multiple keybindings? Well then this is for you!

Inspired by this post.

Currently in beta.

1. Cannot be saved
2. Does not work with any toggleable blocks in there toggleable state except for flamethrowers.
3. Does not work with flying blocks.

1. Install spaar's modloader BETA
2. Drag the attached DLL into your mods folder


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I am sure you will! :)

also, off-topic discussion here: you might want to erase the background of your profile picture and resize it to 100x100. (if the white color on it bothers you)
But that's just a suggestion.
Cool ! I think your next target is to build a Machine inserter :) , could be used to insert machines from different saving files and combine them into one scene
Aha! I knew it would be done eventually! The link on the mega thread is broken and leads to a different mods, but a quick search lead to this. Thank you for doing this mod, it's INCREDIBLY useful.


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There is no multi-binding for now, as it turned out laggy.