Moveable Blocks not running sync/not at all.


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First i would like to say, what a lovely game this is,good job!

Ive enounctered some annjoying issues while building bigger creations, it can actually happen with any moveable part, and mostly happens when you have mutliple of the same, one out of X will stop working, you can replace it with the a new ( same) part but that way another block will stop turning, that problem rotates around forver till im sick of trying lol!

Next to that while for example firering cannons , ive noticed they dont fire all at once and sometimes there is a quite big delay between them, this already noticeable with 10 cannons, prob less aswell. This goes for any block actually.

Thanks for your time, keep it up


Ps: increasing/decreasing game speeds result in different outcome which is kinda weird lol :D


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If you have a slow-ish computer you probably should play at a lower time-scale, or else it won't have enough time to do everything and make everything happen at the same time :p


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im talking about the game engine right if it would be low/med hardware i wouldt phrase it like this tbh.
And im taling about desync/bugs if i was running it on i potato i would totally get that, so lets get on-topic again plz.
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I could see how that would be annoying, especially with mechanical blocks working in consistently. Now I'm not sure whats causing these inconsistencies with blocks, although I believe the cannons firing at the same time (as well as other factors), has to do with the games un-deterministic factors, resulting in some inconsistent results.

If you guys find anymore info about what might cause the blocks not to work, please post in this thread :)