MoreBlocksMod [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD BlockLoader][ID: 350-354]

Ever wanted more wooden blocks? Well this mod is for you! This mod will add more shapes and sizes of wooden blocks for your building pleasure.

How to install: install Spaar's Mod Loader, install TGYD BlockLoader, extract into your mods folder and merge the Blocks folder.

  • Half Block [350]
  • Slant 1x1 [351]
  • Slant 1x2 [352]
  • Corner 1x1 [353]
  • Corner 1x2 [354]
  • Corner 2x2
  • Equilateral Triangular Prism
  • 1x1 to 2x2 Platform
  • I-Beams 1-8m lengths
  • 3x Wooden Block
  • 5x Wooden Block
I am open to suggestions!

  • v0.1 9/1/15 - Initial release
  • v0.2 9/1/15 - Added Slant 1x1, better texture on Half Block
  • v0.3 9/2/15 - Added Slant 1x2
  • v0.4 9/8/15 - Added Corner 1x1 and 1x2, One universal texture (you can get rid of the old ones), Made more points sticky (sides with "X"), Model tweaks
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Special thanks to TheGuysYouDespise and everyone else in the modding group that helped me :)

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Hi Phantom329,

I don't see your blocks after game start. Every other blocks for TGYD BlockLoader works fine for me but not yours. I don't know where's the problem can be found... can you help me?
First, make sure you are using the latest versions of Spaar's ModLoader and TGYD BlocksLoader
Second, make sure you have "Slant1x1.obj" and "HalfBlock.obj" in ...\BesiegeData\Mods\Blocks\Obj\
Third, make sure you have "Slant1x1Texture.png" and "HalfBlockTexture.png" in ...\BesiegeData\Mods\Blocks\Texture\
If that all fails, send me a screenshot of the console (ctrl + k) with the white arrows expanded.
Hope that helps. :)


Staff member
MrMcRush said:
Ok, here is the screenshot from console.

So I get this error:
What happens if you click the arrow to the left of it?


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osje44 said:
I used the 1x1 slant block but when i saved it, all the blocks i attached the slant to were deleted.
But the 1x1 slant block wasn't? Could you try to reproduce on a smaller scale, then share your .bsg? It'll be interesting to see if they didn't get saved to the .bsg either.
By equilateral triangle I assume you mean triangular prism? A pyramid block would be cool to build off of as well
~edit ....I just started using these but they seem to increase the "compounding weird angles after placing things on rotated blocks" bug. I am not sure if it because of the blocks being out of square or what...I am leaning to a flaw in how the game places blocks ....placing anything on a block that has been rotated anything but 90` seems to make the problem appear. I think the game maybe gets it placement relation from the start block exclusively but I wish they would fix it.
When you place place blocks on a non-90deg side facing certain directions it becomes rotated. That is why the Slant 1x1 is on 45deg and the Slant 1x2 is 22.5deg to make it easy to adjust for this. I would recommend using a rotation mod along with this.
I've been away for Labor Day but tomorrow I will be releasing two more blocks and doing some minor fixes with models and combining textures to save space.
I use a rotation mod. But the angle degree differences do not add up which is why i called it "weird". If they did I could just leave my mod's rotation step at 22.5 and still be able to get the block I am placing square with the one it is mounting to. Even with the stock besiege blocks I run into this. Something starts throwing them out of whack by a few degrees so i have to drop the rotation step down to a tiny amount to compensate. It's manageable just makes building annoying. Anyways, cool blocks and I look forward to you adding more
I didn't realize that since I have been mostly making the mod and not playing with it. I will try to figure out the rotation problem tomorrow. Which block is there a problem? I think the Slant 1x1 will knock the rotation 45deg but I haven't really looked at the Slant 1x2.