More sounds!

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Do we want more sounds?

  1. Yes

  2. No



    Id like to see an option to add sounds to blocks, some instances:

    Motor sounds on wheels, drivable hinges etc. (selectable maybe? Import own sounds, sound packs just like skin packs)
    Sounds when parts hit eachother (steel sounds, impact sounds, saw sounds etc.)
    Sounds when grinding/sliding along surfaces

    Selectable sounds and sound packs seems lots of fun!
    apart from wood breaking, cannons and idle sounds, the game is dead silent, especially in multiverse.

    I want to hear BANG sounds when i hit something with self fabricated hammer and hum noises on things spinning very fast! Roaring engines in cars and pneumatic noise with pistons and steering hinges!
  2. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    let spiderling add sounds to block.
    i'm against adding custom sounds like skins because homemade sounds are rarely clean, and with internet, there's high risk of ear rapes.
  3. elrae70

    elrae70 Member

    Simple. Put in an option to utilize other people's custom sounds or not. Would be needed anyway for people on a metered connection.
  4. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    that's already an option since i mentioned skins and thats how they work.

    skins have screenshot to help people decide before they downloaded the 3d model.
    soundpack need a video, i guess? which already contain audio and you can get earraped on the video itself.
  5. elrae70

    elrae70 Member

    Oh yeah I get that. I just meant if you make your own pack, or just have the ability to assign sounds to each block on your own. Sound packs on the workshop is a different story.

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