More multiplayer & level editor features , visual effects

Heres my list of ideas (I was just building a map and they just appeared)

Custom map background music

Map voting in multiplayer - the host can choose 3 maps, and the players can vote for 1 of the 3 maps, something like in Team Fortress 2 (this could be good for when you leave your pc running for your friends to play)

Server browser - would probably encourage more players to play the game, a nice bonus would be something like a 24h server, the browser should also show private games with password needed to join wich could also be turned off if the person wants to)

Light sources - an option to make objects like candles and fire emit light in the level editor (there could also be a separate option in the settings for flamethrowers, torches etc. to emit light while in shadows)
Server Browser and light sources are great ideas. Map voting is basically already in the game, just tell your admin what you want to play. Custom background music can cause problems however.