Monthly Challenge September


Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing Starfighter!

Block count: 43

Edit: I forgot to say that it's completely made out of metal! It even uses some grabbers to be nearly invincible. You can actually bump into things with a high speed or load it without Zero-G and it will not break :) (It was just an extra challenge for me)

I decided to make a different spaceship for this contest, using only my own techniques (my other one used Core88's awesome steering).

So here's my very own Starfighter! I was editing my hovercraft to be symmetrical and some other stuff, when I noticed it kind of looked like a V-Wing, so I used the rotate mod to put the blades on and Ta-da! something that looks a little bit like a V-Wing came out of it.

Controls (2 WASD setups):
T for thrust
F and H for yaw
Left and Right for roll
Up and Down for pitch
Re-ignite the fireball with R or Y

Have fun!

This is my first post on here :)

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So, I'm not really the kind of person who likes to join these competitions.
But this one called my attention.

This is Esqueleto (literally skeleton in portuguese), I had tought of better names like Zardov-Y, but while saving it I realised I didn't get the bulky aspect I so wanted on my spaceship, and instead I made a really thin spaceship (look at it's parts).
So yeah, Esqueleto. I know, my skills aren't that good and that was the best 3D text I could make.


75 parts
You control with numpad.
4 & 6 left and right
5 & 8 up and down
7 & 9 yaw left and right
Engines: Y
pressing numbers 1 to 3 on the "normal keyboard part" activates several stages to launch a bomb at whatever is in front of you. Press "4" to explode it.

Download: it's on the attachments because I CAN'T PUT IT >:-(

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You'd keep it forever, but it needs a year in addition to month+dat, and probably a little different design.
That is the month and year I didn't think the day was necessary because it is a monthly challenge.

I can change the design slightly with each one. For example the current one could have the ring circling it like Saturn's ring, like in original post.