Monthly Challenge March!


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This months monthly challenge is:
  • Destroy harp with less or equal to 10 blocks!
Remember, machines made before the challenge can also be entered, but it might be more fun to try and create something completely new!


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Neutex said:
Seems like monthly challenges aren't that popular anymore...

"It was soooo 2015."
Besiege challenges are still quite popular in reddit. And they have weekly challenges.


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Biannual challenges, maybe? XD


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Well, the core of the challenge is to do it in an interesting way, not the actual completion of the criteria
HAHAHA! Yea, I was just foolin' around. With the pins and the elastics it's 18 blocks... but elastics and pins aren't technically blocks if you want to argue the case...
Just before the rocket update, I had made a missile. Decided to post it now anyway.

Can blow up the harp from anywhere on the map reliably, and uses only 9 blocks!
This fun missile uses a grenade for remote detonation, now I hear you thinking 'Why not a flamethrower? They activate at the very second you press the button, grenades are unreliable and random!", but did you think about the awesome visuals of multiple missiles blowing up, at slightly different times?

Download (downloads the swarm, not just one missile)

In the vid, you can see me getting long range hits, displaying a group of these missiles, and then getting three perfect hits in a row from within the Bounding Box.

****ing spiderling games, adding exactly what I need... /s

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Whenever I go shopping for anything, I always ask myself: "Is the more skilled shopper the one who spends the least amount of money possible, or the one who spends exactly their limit?"

There's some modern philosophy for you. I spent all 10 blocks making an aimable on-contact firework to just shoot the harp, though a modder could just shrink the bomb down and stick it in the rocket's mouth.

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Haha, I tried to make something that could consistently take the harp out, and you went the trickshot-way. Amazing! Now I don't know which approach I like better. Yours definitely makes for more interesting footage.
When building Besiege machines, I always ask myself: "Is the more skilled Besieger the one who uses minimalistic amounts of explosives, or the one who uses way too many bombs?"

I think we all know the answer here ;)
Honestly, that footage probably took me over 30-40 tries to complete, including getting the flight time on the rocket on point XD
I think it turned out well though :)
I have an entry for this, but it's going to be a bit late. The YouTube video is uploading now, and it should be up in a few hours. (It's a long one.)

I was going to upload last night, but the Windows 10 that had installed automatically about a week ago, and has been glitching my computer, finally crashed it altogether. The only way I could fix it was to re-install windows and reset it, which deleted all of my programs. So I had to re-install Sony Vegas Pro, Gimp Steam, and Besiege just to upload my machine. I also lost all of my saved machines, so that's nice. But at least I still have the files I need to submit my latest machine.