Monthly Challenge December!


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Well, the creator doesn't seem to have posted it here yet, so...
Hello everybody!

Today I build a machine that has a Block count off 60, uses the knights and can do quite a lot off things!


First off you will need to setup this beast: first press N (when one off the knights has something: restart!) then press 8 a little to set your right arm up and finally press h to extend the pistons (All pistons need to be on TOGGLE MODE!)

Then you can use him with these controls:
up/down: move
left/right: steer (don't steer to much at a time or the knights will die!)
I/K/J/L: move the rocket hand
O: launch the rocket
8/5/4/6: move the sword hand
9: drop the "sword"

*Sometimes the knights die "without reason".
*You can't steer fully around or the knights will hit eachother and die.
*If you fired the rocket, the machine is not anymore in balance and you will need to put the swordarm as close to the center if you can but without hitting a knight.
*If one knight die, the machine becomes untsteerable like in the film "Pacific Rim".
*One more time: BALANCE IS KEY!

Download it on the steam workshop!
and does anyone knows how you can add a gif to the forum and to the steam workshop?

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I made a small "bot" that looks like a segway! (Almost) XD
For some reason trying to put the knight in the air above the ground killed him, so when I dragged him along the floor, it worked! :D
Arrow Keys to control! Have fun!!

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