ModGUIStyleChanger [Spaar`s Modloader] [Not bugfree]


Always wanted to change the boring unity standard GUI with fancy neon colors or the colors of your nations flag? Well, now you can! With the ModGUIStyleChanger Mod you get a new design made by me and the option to make your own design. Currently only by editing a textfile but I'm working on an ingame editor.

How do I install the Mod?
If you want to install the mod you need to put the GUISkins folder either in your Mods folder or your Resources folder. The dll goes into the Mods folder like every other mod.

How do I use the Mod?
Press Ctrl+N in the game to open the skin selection window. There you will see all skins that are located in your GUISkins folder. You can select one by clicking it.
If you want to create your own skin you must create a file with the format "name.bcs" in the GUISkins folder. The best way to build your own GUIskin is by copying the content of "BitteWendensDefaultSkin.bcs" (you should be able to open it with any texteditor) and to change the desired values. Colors are saved in RGBA. Available Fonts: "Arial", "GOST Common", "GOST Common Italic" and "GOST Common Workshop".

Planned features:
- Skinloading on start.
- Ingame skin editor.

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Another Interesting Mod, Great Work!

Will you open a spot to put the custom created skins for others to download? (I haven't done anything yet, just asking)
You can always post your skins here. When they are good I'll attach them to the main post. When there are a lot of skins which I don't expect I'll open up an own thread.
" With the ModGUIStyleChanger Mod you get a new design made by me and the option to make your own design".

That means you can change the way the GUIs of the mods look.


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It's just germans being weird and not wanting to use internationalized buttons :p jk


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Hendeson said:
Can u guys teach me how to use this mod Please.....
What do you mean? Also, I don't think it's updated for the newest version of the modloader