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This post is a consolidation of useful resources for modifying Besiege.
Warning modifying your game files is not supported by Spiderling Studios and could damage the integrity of your installation, you should always make backups before editing.

Permissions And Posting Your Project

Whilst we don't have a full and complete license ready for you, we're still working on the finer details of it, here are the permissions we are currently granting for the game. Spiderling Studios reserves the right to alter or completely withdraw these permissions at any time, without notice.

[BOLD]For Besiege modding purposes only[/BOLD], you are granted permission to decompile, modify and then redistribute the following modified unity-script files:

[BOLD]For Besiege modding purposes only[/BOLD], you are also granted permission to modify the game's Textures/Models and then redistribute your modified versions.

Mods should be posted in the Modding section, they should contain the version number that they are compatible with in the title. Please do not sticky your mod in the Modding Section.
We will also maintain a list of published mods with links to each topic.

By publishing mods on this forum you are granting permission for others to download them and use them in-line with Spiderling Studio's Video/Media policy.
You are not permitted to derive profit from your modifications/content in any way. You are however permitted to monetize videos that feature Mods.
Any publications you make must adhere to the forum rules (Nothing Illegal, Offensive, etc) and must be your own work.

If you are actively participating in mod creation you can PM & I will add you to the Modder group which will give you moderator rights of this channel.


Beginners Guide To Modding ~ Created by MaxTCC

Introduction to Besiege Modding ~ Created by spaar

Modding Besiege (Angled Blocks) ~ Created by zodium

Basic Information About Skin Pack Creation ~ Created by Von


TGYD's BlockLoader - V0.27~ Created/Maintained by: TheGuysYouDespise ~~ [Loader: Spaar's Mod Loader] - Released: 28/08/2015
Contains information on how to create a mod which adds new blocks to the game, also contains a list of all used Block IDs.

GregBlast Util - V0.27 ~ Created/Maintained By: GregBlast ~~ [Loader: Spaar's Mod Loader] - Released: 09/04/2016
A utility library for modders.

GUI Layout Plus - V0.27 ~ Created/Maintained By: GregBlast ~~ [Loader: Spaar's Mod Loader] - Released: 08/09/2015
An animated GUI solution for Spaar's Modloader.

LineTool - V0.27 ~ Created/Maintained By: ITR ~~ [Loader: Spaar's Mod Loader] - Released: 07/10/2015
Makes it easier for mods to implement connecting two blocks.

Visual Studio Template - V0.20~ Created/Maintained by: spaar ~~ [Loader: Spaar's Mod Loader] - Released: 24/07/2015
I created a Visual Studio extension that will install a new project type: Besiege Mod.
This allows you to easily create a skeleton mod, with all conveniences built in.


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Well, there's always the stuff in my modding blog, if that counts as a guide :p
"You are not permitted to derive profit from your publications."

Releasing a mod, alongside a monetised YouTube video to showcase it, would be a derivative profit from making the mod.
I'm sure you would allow for such a thing, as I'm sure what you mean is we can't make people pay for mods for your property.
I know this might be nit-picking, but in legal matters I personally don't like to leave things up to interpretation.


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Updated with the latest guides and resources, also changed the layout a bit and the wording of Besiege's modding permissions to include an answer to TGYD's question about video monetization.
Hi everyone. Sometimes then i playing besiege i want to make my own blocks. So, i can create model in 3dsMax, also i can work with unity3d. But i don't know besiege's game architecture. I need some examples how to create game-like blocks in Unity and export block file for Blockloader. In this topic i see only scripting guide, but i know what people make blocks mods too.


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Not the right thread :p


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Not the right thread :p


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Von, there is a problem with the tgyd's blockloader link, when I try to enter the link, it says that an error has occured. What should I do if I need that page?
The blockloader is implemented in the modloader now


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Sorry for the bump but the forums links don't work because of the migration to XenForo
Links are still outdated :(
Most of the info is pretty outdated by now (this is from 2015 march 25th), so it's better just to check the modloader thread. That said, the modloader hasn't been updated to the latest version yet.

And if you want more info on how to create mods, it's better to join the discord and ask there