Mod Requests

I'd love something like a ball joint withouth rotation to death. It would allow me to create so many new contraptions. The current double hinge doesn't work for my purposes. Or something like a belt transmission.

The J

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A few suggestions for modders to think about:

1) Magnet blocks:
These blocks are set to either negative or positive in their GUIs. When activated by a button press, automatic setting, or a button toggle, they act like point charges. That is, opposite charges attract and similar charges repel. The force of their attraction is proportional to 1/r^2.

2) More gear blocks:
There need to be more gears, simply. The most needed two are gear racks and worm gears. gear racks are like taking the teeth off of a gear and laying them flat. Yes, spikes can do this but they're very unreliable and liable to a lot of slipping. A worm gear is just a spiral around an axis that can power gears but cannot be itself powered.

The J

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I myself have made many differentials in besiege, even a few non-slip ones. It's not actually that hard, just look up pictures of besiege differentials.
A mod that you can type in numbers over whatever the max is in slider bars. In stuff like Wheel speed, ballast weight, flying spiral speed, etc. You can already do this, but you have to go into the game files and change it there. It would just be easier, like in Precision building 2 mod, you can resize stuff through that, but you can also do it by going into the game files.
Is there any mod that tweaks durability? I'd like to have wheels that don't simply tear themselves from their hinges when they encounter any resistance or suspension blocks that don't snap off under any minor stress.
Can someone make a new level editor please. the old one does not work at all. or at least can someone please make a mod that adds all the game objects for maps to the object list. If this exists please give me the link.