Mod Requests

How about a mod that makes cannonballs inherit the velocity of the cannon firing them? I put cannons on my planes but can't shoot at anything when the cannonballs are slower than the plane itself
Can anyone make a steel ball? I mean a ball from steel big as the fire ball but heavier and not burning? I know i can use boulders and bombs but they crack/ explode in my barrel.


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I'm not exactly sure what you mean, though I am working on making the sliders into dampeners for a different person
Mod for 'Torch':
  • On/Off function (button). An example usage would be automatic cannon (cannon + torch) with On/Off switch.
  • Flashing torch function (slider to set the desired flash intervals: 0 = permanent on / 0< = flash interval). You can use this for airplanes, police cars, fire trucks to simulate flashing light or as a spark plug for engines.
Don't know if this is possible but:

This would include a block that when activated would play a certain sound. Inside the Mods folder there would be a folder called sounds. The user would put custom .ogg file in there and in the block tuner the player could select what sound the block would play from that folder. With this mod, you could make robots make robot noises, cars make car noises, etc.
Hello everyone,

is there anybody out there who would like to make a day and night mod and maybe a light block for making cool machines with headlights.

and maybe s.o. would be so friendly to eventually teach me how to make mods myself or how I can make a block for TGYD`s blockloader...

See you soon



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Hi. Do we have nice missile mods for besiege 0.2? I'm currently making a new attack helicopter and I really want to add guide missiles to it.
It would be awesome if we could adjust torque of wheels (for creating crawlers and off roaders) and also damping of the shocks to create more realistic less bouncy suspension designs!

This may have been requested before, but I would like to see place-able symmetry planes added/modded into the game. I think I speak for all builders when I say that it is a pain to replicate one side of a machine onto the other, and I notice a lot of other games have them implemented, so why not besiege?

Thanks for your time, catch you guys later!