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I would like for a resize and scaling mod that kept everything connected. I have been trying to build a vehicle then shrink it but when i do it falls apart due to everything not being translated at the same time so if anyone could come up with a mod that makes it so when you resize multiple objects at the same time it would smart translate them so they are still connected it would be very helpful
You can move,rotate,mirror,... blocks with the Building tools mod, it works perfect with the Easy scale mod
Can you make no recoil/adjustible recoil mod for cannons or make rockets explodes on contact with something just like normal bombs?
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a shield block that projects a shield of the same shape of the the contraption with a cooldown and recharge time as well as astrenght and colour editor
the shield should prevent axes and arrows going through and is possible explosions shall not passs through


hi every one, i have an idea for a mod, i was thinking mixing event mode and invasion mode. something like mission mode, rescue some peasant, move some object, find some objective or destroy one, of course, explore tunnel mode. more related with biggest maps. maybe another idea, is something like we have a runner mode, the capacity of soldiers, escape. more undestructible vehicles like flying dukes machine, but more agresive. all of this ideas become of need more challenge to proob my machines. i hope this post help, happy new years
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I would like to see a modded wheel/swivel block that would always try to maintain its original rotation relative to the starting block.

This could be used to create auto-aim / auto-steering creations to attack the player, among other things.

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Repeating crossbow from version v0.42 is cool, but the damage is not enough. Could someone mod it to be able to destroy buildings (houses etc.)?
This Topic Is For Requests Of Blocks And Mods Only.

This is a place where everyone can put requests for mods [for Spaars Modloader] and/or blocks.

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Hi guys, i haven't been able to really do anything besiege related since i got GTA V, Just Cause 3, and also since i had exams recently, but i'm back and i am going to try my best to get into modding and be part of this community.
a mod or script where it can detect the insides and outsides of any vehicle and add in parts to make the insides movable so it can transform, or simply put, a mod where you can put joints in any vehicle to make it transform. it would be really cool
homing rockets that auto lock onto the first thing they see after a set ammount of time
also with the ability to be spawned from the block spawner block and detonate on impact
would be nice please