Mod Requests

Would it be possible to make a mod that adds a simple form of machine guns that can be mounted on the front of a block ( not the top like the normal cannons ) and make them have a small amount of recoil ( or none ), maybe making it using hit scan so projectiles and decals don't build up ( only showing a tracer like in CS:GO ). Sorry if its a lot but it be really cool.
It is good to have a mod that can show multiple cameras at one screen, like the camera mod before the official "camera block" came out. It shows the picture of secondary camera on the corner of the main camera picture.
This mod will help for players who build bomber and like to play local coop.
How about a no collide mod, im having problems where block decide to have a seizure and break whenever i'm using other mods that you can place anywhere you want. A no collide mod would be amazing thank you
I think Contractible spring suspension mod would be very cool and useful
it would look something like this... main purpose is too make it more realistic/ easy to make suspension. (The suspension is connected to the front and back wheels)

I would love a functioning version of the KeepBlockPosition mod as that mod does not seem to function properly and hasn't seen an update in some time. If there was some way for space to simply pause the game and start the editing process instead of first having to reset the vehicle location that would be great. Also we need a slider block that comes pre-extended, or better yet just a slider on the slider block to adjust the position of the unbound half.
A realistic flamethrower that shoots flammable liquid in an arc would be nice. Also we NEED some kind of powder charge block and barrel type block so we can make ACTUAL cannons. Or just things the launch random debris of our choice. Another thing which would be great is a block which shoots arrows on click. these are capable of destroying wood like archer arrows in game. this would be fun for craft to craft battles picking out weak spots in armor. It would be a great middle ground for machine gun typ eweapons