Mod Request, Hydraulics !

Is it possible???

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Hi pals and modders , id like to request a mod for besiege 0.45 if possible
im new here so im sorry if i do something wrong.

Id like to request a mod , kind of like Hydraulics, or a block that can extend and subtract while holding a button, something like a piston , but the piston has toggle mechanic.

The block should be like the Slider - but that can extend 3x it's size (make it an option if possible) , for advanced machinery
If u press and hold an Extend button , it will grow , not extend at once. Kind of like the Winch
if u press and hold it exdends / subtracts , Make it have a speed option , and Strength option (if possible)
it would make building Dozzers and other funny and great machines that use Hydraulics so great,
combined with Hinges it would be so much fun to play with.

Thank you so much for your time and hard work , keep it up guys !
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back some versions ago. if you set the springyness of a suspension to -10 or something it used to slide indefinitley. so just bringing that back and adding some degree of control.
i think if you attach a piston to a block, then attach a winch from the piston to the block the piston's connected to, then set the winch to a negative value, it can work the way you want


it could glitch something
im not too sure, havent tried it yet. you should try it and see what happens

yeah i just tried it, it doesnt work well :(
you could attach a rope to an already extended piston like before except dont make it negative, and you can control it in terms of going back down but not extending