mobile crossbow/ballista 3 shot. DaVinci aircraft launcher.


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Hi my new projects ;D

1. mobile crossbow/ballista 3 shot

sticky arrow/bolt ;3

normal arrow/bolt

ignite arrow/bolt

2. mobile crossbow/ballista one shot - we can use any weapon ;d

can use fire ball, stone, etc.

3. ballista crossbow mobile DaVinci aircraft launcher - someday build better aircraft ;P

4. mobile crossbow/ballista one shot mini version - here too we can use any weapon

Thank you for this game i'll go back to lague of noobs and cs go, I'll wait to next update.

Instructions and download:

All version:

forward / backwards - UP / DOWN arrows

turn left / right - LEFT / RIGHT arrows

flight groove (arrow track) < / > (always set 45 degrees it's best way to good shot)

trigger (shot) - L

more power string (back string) - K

second mode, more power - hold J (when you release J and use L in same time you shoot will be more power)

ignite arrow/bolt - Y

3 shot version:

hold H and push V (left) or B (right) to drop new arrow/bolt. You can edit spare ammo.

DaVinci aircraft launcher version:

hold O to long fly. You can edit aircraft and share on this posts.

mobile crossbow ballista 3 shot.bsg (34.74 KB)

ballista crossbow mobile DaVinci aircraft l....bsg (35.09 KB)

mobile crossbow ballista mini one shot.bsg (23.96 KB)

Have fun!