Mission Impossible: Sheep Edition

Hey all!
This is now my official largest creation, coming in at 315 blocks. So it isn't HUGE but large non the less.
It's my first mini game sort of thing, excluding the 'quests' on my cable cart.


This level is designed to be played on the 3rd level of Ipsilon, Old Howl Battlefield.
However, you can play on other levels

1. Activate the drag god mode, pick up a sheep and bring it to the starting platform.
1.5: release grabber with b and hold , to tighten the rope thus lifting the grabber
2. pick up the sheep, either drag it to the grabber or place below and lower the grabber and press . to lower grabber
3. make the rope taught by holding , (keep going until it starts vibrating, then loosen a bit, if it sags near the middle just tighten it more)
4. get past the obstacles! (use m and n to move grabber)
5. Rinse and repeat, see how many sheep you can get across

You can make it harder or easier as you please, just change the speed on the wheels/spinners.

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