Missile Targeting [camera mods]

Great vid....I was just thinking last night about how cool it would be if they added the option to add a semi-transparent target reticules to certain cameras. You seem to be picking up steam on Youtube quite a bit man, good job. I dunno if i have seen one of the more popular youtubers do a besiege machine compilation without having at least one build done by you or core88 . They eat you guys up. Draegast even called you "one of the more predominant builders in the game right now" lol. Bring on the groupies !
Prevenge :Thanks mate! It was quite a rush getting all that attention in one weekend! All gone quiet now, so back to the serious business of making stuff! I am just trying to decide which project to waken up next. I can't seem to see past mods right now simply because of the way the expand the besiege universe but I really want to do some cool vanilla stuff first. What are you on? The car yet?
Btw, I like the term Target Reticules! is that their real name? cool if it is!
I don't think there is any turning back from mods for me now lol. No cars for me yet ....just posted my latest mech in the forums and already working on some others. Also a crane ....figured I might as well submit something to one of the monthly challenges for a change. Reticules yah ..... I think thats fancy talk for anything more complicated than a crosshair. I thought a ballistic style one with drop marks for elevation would be great for cannonballs.