Mighty Mech Challenge


The challenge is to create a mech that holds a knight/villager/chicken/sheep inside it.

-Must hold one character.
-Must protect character from death.
-The character must be completely surrounded. (cannot be touching the floor)

Bonus points:
-The look of the mech.
-How well it controls.
-If it doesn't need a separate vehicle to lift the character.

You can use my mech for a template or for inspiration. However mine isn't the best its hard to get it upright at the beginning and the flamethrowers look cool but don't actually reach the knights.

Link to Mech Suit-

End date September 4th

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It seems your right. I always thought it was the arrows that killed them but looks like the arrows just push them into each other, I'll rewrite the rules.
It needs to pick up an NPC without killing them as if they are the pilot of the vehicle. I had the idea of mechs when I made the challenge but I suppose they could be any piloted vehicle. ( maybe I should change the name.)

I'm not sure how the level editor would be a problem? except that I might not be able to test them, i'm not familiar with the mod.
level editor is just part of Bobd132's multimod. click on it and you can spawn knights and stuff wherever you click. I just wasnt sure with the challenge if you could spawn them with the mod or if you have to pick them up.
Just so you know, I was really excited to see this challenge. I tried quite a few times to make a mech (that I felt proud of) WITHOUT the picking up of a npc; I ultimately failed. I tried the challenge, and all I succeeded in doing was creating a machine of horror that flays the npc's and puts their desiccated corpses in a cage. I was super pleased with the result, but it was not challenge material. Keep thinking of cool challenges, and eventually it will catch on.