Mechanix - mechanical blocks mod suggestions thread

Hi Besiegers!

I am currently working on a new mod that will add some different types of mechanical blocks. I have a short list that I am currently modeling but I would like to hear from the community what people want in their creations. Please leave any suggestions below and a picture or diagram helps. Thanks!

Timeline: Once the TGYD Block Loader is updated to v0.3 I will try to release the first version with some basic wheels, gears, and maybe the universal joint within the week.

  • Gears
    • Rack
    • Pinion
    • Sector gear
    • XL gear
    • Worm gear or screw gear - maybe
    • Right-angle gear
    • Bevel gear
    • International gear
    • Torsen gears - maybe
  • Wheels
    • Fat wheel
    • Fat large wheel
    • Small roller
    • Small wheel
    • Omni-directional wheel hub
  • Movement
    • Actuator
    • Universal joint
    • Screw joint - maybe
    • Cylindrical joint - maybe
    • Chain/belt - maybe
    • Clutch - suggested by smpstech
  • Other
    • Differential housing
    • Small wheel extension


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Good to see you working on something again Phantom! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor!
A clutch. Something like a gear where you can send power to it through the gear teeth, but the center does not spin/does not disengage until a button is pressed. Maybe an option to make it a one way clutch.

A self contained differential. Right now you can make a differential but you need some sort of building tool to be able to and it winds up being very bulky.

Bigger wheels. Something that is 1 or 2 blocks taller than the current large wheels. I know a few people have made these already, but they haven't been updated in a while.
If you need help modeling, send me a box that is the maximum of all dimensions (bounding box basically) and i can probably make a fair looking model! :D id love to see this mod in my creations!
I haven't decided if I am going to use the existing gears theme or a new one for better physics. Iron gears are possible I will have to see.
Hello! ive been looking for ages for something to do with gears, mainly one that can have more than one contact point (on either side), but rotate like a Bearing (with external teeth or internal for a gear)