mbennock`s Rooty Tooty Point and Shooty thread

Alright, since I made several kinds of guns/artillery/weaponry I will use this thread to present my new inventions here, as to not clutter the forum too much.

I want to start with...

The Fireball Cannon

This is my fireball sling cannon. It can shoot one fireball over a pretty good range.

It uses toggleable elasticity 10 springs on 1 to shoot. I had to put suspensions in front to swallow some of the force lest the cannon simply implode from the recoil. It uses another spring on 2 to hold the pusher back in place. That ensures good, straight sling behaviour. I also put non-flammable wheels under it so it won't sag. Iron sights like my SPG for direction, not rangefinding.

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Next up, a variant of the fireball cannon. With a drum magazine.

Fireball Cannon Magazine Variant

Because one fireball is not enough, I decided to implement a revolver like drum magazine. If revolvers had their cartridges in sticky holders, that is.
Its basic principle is the same as with the one-shot version, just that on the top there is now this... thing.
Magazine is rotated with n/m and flaming balls are released via u, i, o, p.

And a video:

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Alright, we are starting to approach the crazy stuff. You know, drum magazines and such are cool, but what about a semi automatic cannon?
I have it here. It can shoot boulders.

The Gravity Fed Semi Automatic Boulder Sling Cannon

This has developed from my attempt at creating a magazine fed cannon. With the current pistons, however, it gets very fast very complicated, thus I decided on letting gravity do the dirty work for me.

This is the thing in all its glory. Due to the sheer size and the force I had to decouple barrel, receiver and magazine via suspension. They now move against each other. An earlier attempt that was fully braced simply shed braces with every shot :D. That was unacceptable.

Anyways, by looking at the second picture, let me explain the mechanism:
Pistons are put in row, speed 2. Springs pull from the front, non-toggleable, elasticity 10. Wheels everywhere to hold the pistons in place (built it in .03, but I still don't like sliders, as they could not support a piston row this long properly). The slider/suspension combination in the back is for dampening the force of the ex-/retracting pistons. Surprisingly, they work pretty good together with the slings. Perhaps only springs would even generate more power, but then the construction would be much more fragile and also the second function of the pistons as breech wouldn't function properly and I would need another mechanism to hold the boulders in place. The boulders just fall from the top. Sometimes the last boulder would just get stuck above the barrel, so I put a weight there that just pushes down.

Got them all!

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Last, my pride and joy, although this could also fit into the mechanism section, as I think it will can be used in many heavier vehicles (I have already seen someone build a Katyusha with it).

The SPG (Sling Propelled Grenade)

This is a cross-section through the launcher. It is fairly simple, just wooden beams on top and bottom, braced for extra stability and held together by braces running from top to bottom on front and end. On the top of the "barrel" I put braces as direction finders (not really suited for rangefinding and proper aiming). Bottom uses powered wheels in the tank steering configuration with some armor plates, just because. Note that the front wheels are mounted on a toggleable piston in order to raise the thing for extra range.
The most important parts are probably the sling and the projectile itself.
First, the sling. As pusher I use a .20 weight that is attached to toggleable elasticity 10 strings. They run as follows: Two from each side of the foremost block to the sides of the weight, two from the front of the block to the sides of weight, two from the inside of the block to each side and one from the contrarian side of the foremost block to the top and bottom of the weight in order to prevent rolling and spazzing.
Now, for the projectile - I should mention that this thing started as a simple ballista, but the blocks always stuck everywhere and made the whole thing extremely unreliable. Also, exploding things are better than just pointy things (until we get real kinetic projectiles). Anyways, at first I had this simple wood-grabber-bomb setup, but it would stick too much and also break by the sheer force of the springs. When I substituted by weights, I found that they also tend to stick. Then I just decided to try it with the flamethrower and voilà - the only critical point now is the weight, but not so much that it would matter noticeably. Also, I can simulate a rocket if I want ;P

Next up, auxilliaries. The barrel for example. For one, it prevents too much movement and jerking of the projectile and pusher during vehicle movement, on the other hand it leads both straight through the tube. Downside, though, is that the pusher weight and the projectile weight sometimes stick to the plating. However, removing the panels you can't see anymore in the picture, I found that I eliminated the worst offenders. Of course the closed look looks nice imo, but if I get better performance, I can live with that.
Next thing is the grabber in the back. It also looks immensely ugly, but I found it to be necessary - during vehicle movement, the pusher was STILL - despite being "held" already by the panels - jerked around and as soon as it is not 100% right angular to its surroundings, range is affected substantially. So, I put a grabber to hold it in place. Well, I pretend it's a safety ;) The projectile is also secured with a grabber, as it tended to get jerked around duriing driving and getting into an unfavourable position for launch. Both grabbers are released via V, the projectile grabber is somewhere where it can't bother me.
The controls are standard controls.
Furthermore, I tried to make iron sights. However, this is NOT a rangefinder. When looking over the uppermost brace heads during max elevation, the point you look at is the maximum range.
That is basically all there is to say to this construct.

Here you can witness the evolution:

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This was the original version of my semi auto, but it proved unviable with the current blocks. Basically, I wanted to make a real magazine-fed gun. Of course that didn't work out, as pistons are a) too weak to even support more than two boulders and b) they are not compressible enough, so that one would have to put over 9000 in row to get the boulders up. I also refrained from using springs - which would pull them up rather push them up - because there one would also need many, many springs to achieve it. Plus, they are too spring-y. Anyways, maybe someone can use it as inspiration ;)
Check it:

Oh, yes, I also didn't strut it enough (it is starting to eat frames already in this state), so it might disintegrate. Then again, it could also be a consequence of the piston position that is half a block too high (this was corrected in the gravity fed magazine version).


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This is a really, really small catapult platform that still has a pretty good range. It is, however, not a design by me. This specific design I adopted from some guy on /egg/ and I believe to remember that someone on the old forum also did something like this. Since I don't know your names: Thank you for the inspiration, credit's to you.
Anyways, here is the Minikata. One shot, pistons in combination with spring give that extra bounce.


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