Map events continues to be executed at time scale 0%, because of a wait event problem.

Operating System : Win 10
System Specs : 12G RAM, 1T disk
Game Version : 0.70-8972

The visible phenomenon of the bug is that even if we drag the time scale to 0%, the events continues to be executed, while those events contains wait events.

Steps to reproduce bug :
First download the waitEventBug.rar, there is a map called waitEventBug.blv inside.
Then set the frame rate to "30 lock". Map logics run by update instead of fixedUpdate, so changing the frame rate is necessary.
Drag the time scale to 0%.
Start simulation.
Drag the time scale to 200% very quickly and back to 0% immediately, before the red block reachs the top.
And then you will see the red block continues to go up at time scale 0% ! If we change time scale to 1% or 20%, the red still goes at a same speed!