machines don't load up not even core block

hi guys not sure if anyone else had this problem but everything starts up normally but when i go into any map barron or sandbox i have no blocks at all not even a starting block, everything in the map is normal i checked the BSG files and my savedmachines are still there just no blocks load up at all, before it happened i downloaded some cool creations from steam workshop to try i have deleted them and still no luck, it happened a couple of weeks ago as well but that time i lost all my mods i subscribed to, i didn't want to uninstall till last resort cheers


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What mod did you install last?
Hi ITR thanks for the reply it might not be what i downloaded i think i glitched something out on big picture not sure what tho but i undone then reinstalled the game and it seems to be fine now thanks for watching over us newbies mate cheers