Machine Resizing [Spaar`s Modloader]

Updated with the features requested by Voncrumb and AJW.

Now a GUI shows the machine scale! Before you scale, it shows "NOTFOUND".
Don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

Resizing keys are now + and -
Pressing R makes the machine go back to original size.

Also resizes explosions! :D


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It looks like you didn't install the resources correctly?


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You didn't install the mod loader correctly. Normally, the GUI shouldn't just be some floating text, it should have a background and generally be much better. When you install the mod loader, you need to put the Resources folder from the downloaded .zip into your Mods folder, otherwise it looks like it does above in your picture.

Besides spaar, I was the 1st one to release a mod that utilizes the "Keybinding API"!

Version 4.0: Following the release of the new modloader version (12-12-2015), which adds a Keybinding API, you can now remap the keys using the modloader menu (CTRL+J)!

Also, we hit 5500 views! Almost on our way to 6000! :D
Updated to Version 5.0!

-Now includes axis-specific rotation, as well as resizing for steam and water particles. (Water particle resizing may not work as expected). Also perfected the explosion resizing.