Localization in languages other than English

Hi everybody,

I've been wondering if in your dev roadmap you thought about translating the game into other languages? I'm mostly speaking of the four big ones, but not exclusively, known as FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish). Since everyone doesn't speak, or read, English it would help reach an even greater player base. I've been doing localization (and localization testing) work for the past 4 years in the video game industry so if you need a hand for French and maybe organizing things (like processes, glossaries, test plans, etc), don't hesitate.

In any case, keep up the good work on this nifty little gem you got there.

10 Feb 2015 at 11:22 Arlekin said:
Von stated somewhere that it might be at least year or two before release, and localization would be done close to release so here is your answer.
But mind that those are all wild guesses after all.
Tried to put all the info gathered on the old forum regarding the localization in this post. If you think about something else, feel free to share it.

[Update 01/03]
As Arlekin suggested, here's the list of the languages that could be covered by people who offered their help. I'll try to keep it up to date if anything changes. The languages are not in any specific order other than the order of the replies to this topic.
  • German: nniinnii, TBFreaq, condoz
  • French: tyrog, arvester, MC Lamer
  • Dutch: dutchy
  • Norwegian: dutchy, ITR
  • Spanish: luffier
  • Polish: skiv, Adminus
  • Italian: Adminus
  • Russian: dvaall
I'll dig around the assets files and try to find where the text assets are (if they are accessible) and I'll let you know when I've found anything.

I'll rework the layout of the post to be a bit nicer on this new forum a bit later.