List of Known Issues Bug Report Template


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To help us fix bugs as quickly as possible please provide as much information as you can about the bug and the steps that led up to it.

Please include the following:

Operating System
System Specs
Game Version
Steps to reproduce bug or what you were doing when the bug occurred
Please attach output_log.txt, it is located in Besiege/Besiege_Data


List of Known Issues & Potential Fixes

Before looking through the following issues and fixes for them, please try all of the following to resolve any issues you may have:
- If you are using the Steam version, Validate your game files
- If you are using the Non-Steam version, try re-extracting the game files
- Make sure all your Drivers and Operating System are up to date.

If non of the above work, please look through the list below for your issue and possible solutions before asking for assistance with your issue.

Problem: Black Screen When Game is Launched
Desc: When game is launched screen goes black but you can still hear the music playing in the background
Fix 1: Try setting your resolution manually in the config.txt file which is located in the Besiege main directory
Fix 2: Try running the game in both windowed and fullscreen modes
Fix 3: Set the screen resolution manually in your registry. EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN EDITING YOUR REGISTRY

Problem: Crash on Launch
Desc: The game crashes almost immediately on launch, never reaches the main menu.
Steam Fix 1: Try disabling the Steam overlay.
Mac Fix 2:

Problem: Everything is Purple Boxes!
Desc: The game is full of purple and white boxes, there are no textures or models.
Fix: This is usually caused by failure to extract the .rar properly. Many people have solved this by running winrar(or other zip program) in admin mode, while extracting. Be sure not to close the program before its finished and that you extract all the contents of the .rar

Problem: Game Won't Start On Mac
Fix 1:

Problem: High FPS but Game Stuttering
Desc: The game is running at a high FPS but the game appears to be stuttering.
Steam Fix 1: Unsubscribe to all workshop items
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