Light Scout tank/APC with torsion bar suspension.

Title says it all. A cool little tank thing built on my torsion bar suspension base (base can be built 100% without mods).
Suspension is my own design and feel free to use it in your own creations, generally fairly heavy duty with more sliders=weaker suspension.
Turret based on the looks of this design:
Just leave a comment if you want me to post the base alone.

Download: [HR][/HR]Features:
Fully traversing turret with aim-able cannon
Gunners point of view
No gun depression
Great maneuverability
Armor protects everything except the wheels
Indicators for when in gunners pov so tank can still be controlled
Completely independent suspension capable of accompanying the roughest of ground (seriously, try driving it full speed over a destroyed village)
Buggy camera that will only work 1/3 of the time for some unknown reason...

T/F/G/H : Move tank hull (Like WASD)
Numpad 8/4/5/6: Control turret
Numpad + : Fires cannon
Right shift: Toggle gunners POV cam [HR][/HR]Feel free to use parts from this design, just if you are using it in a video or something/building off it and posting it, please leave a link to this original post.