Level editor QOL (quality of life) Suggestions.


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As much as i'd love to put ALL the things i believe could be improved, i'll stick to a specific topic: the level editor.
Unfortunately, it would seem that it's been somewhat neglected, which is understandable considering the figurative plate of the developers has been somewhat full, but a few things have come to my attention while building in the level editor:

1. Some objects (most of the houses, animals, ancient objects such as the Ancient Thick Supports) aren't able to be scaled like other objects, which would make sense, except for the fact that you can still scale them in the editor. (what i mean is that you cannot make a very tall sheep, or a very wide soldier, without manually typing in the scale)

2. It should be possible to add/subtract/multiply/divide variables together and use them in logic events, in the place of set numbers, i.e 'increase progress by [Variable]' or 'wait for [Variable] seconds', as well as being able to use them in transforms.

3. Transforms should have some way to deal with multiple transformations at once, either by ignoring all other transformations while an object is undergoing one, or by having the most recent transformation override former ones, or, perhaps as an option, adding the transformations together (i.e vector addition)

4. Furthermore, transformations should have 1. a scale option, and 2. an option to treat all objects selected like 'linked objects' (like how advanced building does it)

5. A 'Freeze' event for objects (i.e disabling physics) and the reverse, of course.

6. For destructible objects, a 'Destroy' event.

7. A color option, if not for everything, at least for the 'ancient' objects, possibly with an option to change the color of the 'glow' as well.

8. an alternate skin for objects such as the wooden support, mining mechanism, shabby roof, wooden wall, scaffold, scaffold tall, and plank, as they look rather... pale.

9. This could probably go with #7, but the ability to change the color of the ground.

10. The ability to change the texture of the textured cubes, low hill, etc, with the possibility of user-created level textures. After all, 'textured' is in the name.

11. This is a small one, but a 'no icon' feature would be very much appreciated for the pickup insignias.