Layer System

i use 3d and 2d modeling softwares in university and at work, and i would die for a layer system such in Autocad, Rhino or even Photoshop, it would be extremely quick to select different part of your machine, plus you could just make invisible the layers you don't need while you're building (i know that building tools provides you with an invisibility button but it's crap compared to what a good layer system could do, and i'd like it to be a vanilla feature), anyone feels the same way that i do? :D

You could select a load of blocks with the Translate tool, move it out a bunch, place what you need, the move the stuff back.
i know it i have over 1000 hours on besiege :D, but it's like 10 times slower than being able to have objects on different layers and being able to toggle it on and off
layer system sound really good! and I have never heard someone requested it before
It's not common indeed, and that's because maybe not everyone has experience with those kind of software (in photoshop layers are essential), but i'm pretty sure a lot of people will enjoy such an improvement, especially those who make huge and/or very complicated creations