Laser Mod [Spaar`s Modloader] [BlockLoader] [ID: 107]

I did not know he was only 12 years old. And I'm sorry I seemed insulting, I'm not the best with English. He's a very good creator for the age of 12 years old :)
For people having lag issues in the latest update of Besiege, there appears to be a memory leak if you use with mod. (It doesn't work in V0.2 anyways, waiting for update so I can use it again). If you have this mod in your mods folder, back it up, move it, etc, if you experience lag.
I've considered redoing the laser, to work slightly more balanced and with less issues, and of course a closer to home 3d model to Besiege, and that's my issue :p making proper looking blocks take quite the number of iterations and work, but perhaps I will soon, in the mean time I have a chicken themed cousin available ;)
It's just such a fun mod to have when building Spacecraft and Mechs etc. It would be great to have something that fits well into the scheme of the game as you say. Perhaps something made of brass and leather like an old telescope and with a ruby lens to give it some authenticity.
This is one of the greatest mods I have ever seen. I made an explosive machine gun with this mod and Block spawners (I can send videos or pics if anyone wants to see).

There is one big bug though, and no one has reported yet (maybe this only happens for me). When the laser block is turned on, and is moving in the same direction the beam is facing, the beam is interrupted, and it starts to switch itself on and off randomly. Idk if you understand what I mean, but I can't make machines (namely planes) with lasers in front of them. It seems like the actual laser block is blocking the beam when moving forward.

It would be great if you could fix this