Large Suspension System

Sorry I have not posted anything for a while, lets get right to it.

If you don't know I have worked on a torsion bar suspension system in the past that I quite liked. This is a continuation of that product. (If you want to learn more about it check my posts)

I wont put much for words in this one, unlike my others, but I will put pictures and stats of its weight capacity.

Its max weight area seems to be (if I counted right) 160 with 80 block of balast. However that is not taking into account the braces and wood I had to use. If you use it be sure to go slow when going down slopes.
It could use a bit more work but that is for another day. Hope you enjoy it!

(file has the balast on in, if you want to try it out with all the weight watch out for falling braces. If it does break off then just reset it)

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